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Kindle Companion

This app, built with Electron and React, allows readers to effortlessly access and manage vocabulary lookups and clippings on their Amazon Kindle device. With its modern and user-friendly interface, readers can easily expand their vocabulary and enhance their language learning experience.



Users can download the app for their operating systems from the Kindle-Companion homepage. The app is available for macOS (dmg), Windows (exe), Debian/Ubuntu (.deb/.snap). Developers can also download and run the app by cloning the repository with the following commands:

git clone
npm install
npm run watch

(Optional) To compile/build the app:
npm run compile


To use the app, connect your Amazon Kindle device to your computer and launch the app. In the app, select your device from the file browser to access your saved vocabulary builder word lists and clippings. In future versions, the app will automatically detect the device for added convenience.


Contributions are always welcome! Feel free to fork the project, make changes, and submit a pull request.


If you encounter any issues with the app, please submit an issue on the GitHub repository.